What is GS Invest?

GS Invest provides avenue for investors who lack trading skills and experience but want to participate in FX Market’s dynamic opportunities.

We currently work with carefully chosen partners with system trading facilities that has been properly tested and proven.

GS Invest - System Trading

System Trading provides trading opportunities using Expert Advisor (EA) within MT5 system which allows both full and semi automatic trading based on carefully designed and tested algorithms.

GS Invest provides avenues for both investors and traders who want to exchange their capital and technology for mutual benefit.


Signal Provider (SP ) Plan is a high tech EA solution where investors can participate in FX market without any trading experience and skills.

Based on EA testing over more than 5 years, GS Invest provides SP Plan exclusively for clients who wants to join FX Market as a participant with enough capital but lacked necessary expertise.

Please contact [email protected] for further information on joining GS Invest – SP Plan


Notice on GS Invest

Please note that GS Invest does not guarantee any profit or income. Each investor takes his own responsibility for both profit and loss.